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  • Hellenic Evolutionary Society (HEVOS)
    The aims of the Society is to promote and disseminate
    evolutionary thinking in science and society at large.

Why join ?

If though more that 160 years have passed since the publication of the On the Origin of Species, our societies still fail to accept that all living beings, including humans, have a common origin and are products of a continuous evolutionary process. Greek society seems to lag behind most other Western-type societies in acceptance of evolution. Therefore, the institution and activities of the Hellenic Evolutionary Society (HEVOS), a Society that will promote and explain evolutionary thinking in a scientifically sound but comprehensible way, is a much needed step towards the change of this situation. We invite all those interested in promoting evolutionary thinking, but also those interested in learning and understanding it, to embrace HEVOS either as members or as supporters, sponsors but maybe also as friends that follow its activities and the material it produces.

Aims of the Society

Collection and distribution of information

Collection and distribution of information on anything relevant to evolution among its members, to stakeholders, decision-makers, and the general public


Organization of workshops, symposia, congresses, seminars, lectures and public discussions.


Publication and/or support of publication of textbooks, educational material, studies, journals, leaflets, etc., either in printed or electronic format.


Support of any other activities that contribute to achieving the aims of the Society.


Collaboration with other Societies and bodies in Greece and abroad with similar aims

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